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[Complaint] Superiorpotato/Agynnsucks


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In-Game Nickname: Superiorpotato and Agynnsucks


Time and date:

Like 5 minutes ago,


Description of what happened:

Nothing big, but I would love to see that get fixed.

Potato was posting offerings in a cloudy way and a helper was asking him to be more clear about that.

I was trying to help out in someway and shortly after got ignored by superior so he can insult me without giving me a way to fire back. A few minutes after an account by the name of Agynnsucks started popping up, voting for the server. And a few seconds before the server closed, when I was thinking this shitposting would have stopped I had to see another "Agynn sucks penis".

I dont need that, you don't need that.


Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)

I'm not using imgur, you have a working function to attach files and I'm not going to create another account for a service that I wont use. I hope you are fine with Imgepost.



List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)



there were some more, but most of them were afk, so I do not bother to list em. Still have some screenshots tho to prove they were there.





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