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[Presentation] Henkekalmar


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Hello there!

I think it's about time for me to present myself, as I've been more and more active on the forums as of late.
If you are from the Skyfactory server you might know me as Henk, as I am there for most of my free time and have a grand total of 411 hours wasted ;-)
To anyone else, I'm Henkekalmar that is my formal IGN, I tend to go by the name Henk as it's easiest for englishspeakers to pronounce, otherwise my real name would be Henrik, and Henke for short.

I've been on the server now for a bit over two months - 69 days to be exact, but I have ventured far from my comfort zone which is Skyfactory, maybe one day :)

I'm an oldie but goldie, when it comes to Minecraft atleast, I am a soon to be 22 y/o studying to becoming a programmer, my favorite mods therefore must be Computercraft as you can theoretically automate anything using it aslong as you got the knowledge and patience. It might not be the most efficient of automations, but it will work :)
I live to automate, which really shows if you take a visit to my island, as the biggest monster I've created is a autocrafter for 16384k drives, it would pump out two every second. Why? Because I enjoy a good challenge.

As for when I'm not on the server I occasionally meet up for a few friends and play some Poker, texas holdem, not playing with a whole lot of money but enough to atleast get the taste of victory!
I also play Airsoft quite religiously, if you haven't heard of it it's pretty much a mild version of paintball but also more realistic.

And that's me! If you ever wanna get in contact with me I'm active on the discord channel - atleast the skyfactory one as there's alooot of things going on over there. But a PM there will always get you an answer. Otherwise I'm on the forum more than I'd like to admit :-)

Secret pet peeve.... I hate when people call me Hank rather than Henk. So don't.

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Eyyyy thereee, ive seen you are going to learn programming i hope it can help with any autmation project in minecraft too :P

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Whatttt nahhhhhhh, not at all

*Cough* Erghhh i got lazy so ye might take some time to gain motivation to finished it, since its gonna be hard :P *Cough*

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