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My draconic chest went POOF for no reason


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So just now  i was trying to clone my self so i can use etheric sword alot of time, for my reinforced watering can. so i decided to place down a draconic chest where i placed all my item in it include my heart canister, rings, etc after that i decided to goto yusixs' island so i can make more etheric sword.

After couple of minutes trying not to die when making the etheric sword and finished it, i returned to my island just to find out that my draconic chest, shell constructor, shell storage, redstone block just went POOF

I don't know whats causing this it just gone for no reason, theres no where to locate the chest anymore, its long gone

i would love to request a refund what is in the chest:

4745 -> Draconic helmet x1

4746 -> Draconic chestplate x1

4747 -> Draconic legging x1

4748 - > Draconic boot x1

4738 -> Draconic Staff of power x1

4744  -> Draconic bow x1

4759 -> Awakaned draconic core x42

4976:2 -> Red heart canister x10

4976:4 -> Yellow heart canister x10

4976:6 -> Green heart canister x10

4804:8 -> Endercrystal x15 --> Preferbly Soul bound enchantment book is being refunded x 15

4778:1 -> Draconic flux capacitor x1

4111 -> Wirelss terminal x1

4700 -> Greater ring of magnetization x1

Sharpness X enchantment book x1

Wrath III enchantment book x1

Reaper V enchantment book x1

6348 -> Zivicio pickaxe x1

Auto Smelt enchantment book x1

4814 -> Yeta wrech x1

6178 -> Ender pouch x1

4888 -> Etheric sword x14


Edit: I probably already remade most of the stuff but still i nedeed the refund just incase bad thing happens i still have a backup stuff


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