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[bruny_man] NEI Access , Command Request

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Hi im Baboon , i need NEI Access because dont work and now i saw from Sponsor Perks :)) and i want access to World Edit to make buildings like spawn and i want to make a new spawn to change it without WIPE if u like my creation :) I like so much to build Mega Structures but need too much time only with clicks...

World Edit List :

//copy , //paste , //cut , //rotate , //flip , //undo , //redo ,  /up , //center , //naturalize , //smooth , //move , //replace , //set , //fill, //remove , /brush . I think those comands are basic for a builder :D 

P.S. If i take those comands i use only for my buildings and i dont try to abuse with it :D

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If you wish to request world edit, please state which command you wish to be granted:



You can either make a list like this:





or you can make a list like this:





You NEI access takes time, please wait max of 1x24hours


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  • Founder

Permissions granted. Use it on small areas at a time, everything is logged so don't abuse them, if you do you will lose all extra permissions and punishment as rules say.

For NEI you are added already, make sure you set your NEI settings to cheat mode.

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