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Killed on by lag issue


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I Fell out of the bottom of the world when I logged in to the world and died. I lost all my upgraded equipment and armour.


Having lost so much its really killed the fun for me and I'd like to see if I can get it back as it was the server that killed me.


Account name is Matt_Chal

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Sadly I hve no screen shots but items lost are:

Fully upgraded set of power armour and power fist (without jet pack, force feilds, or anything that involved ender)

also about 24 buckets of gelid cry coolant. 3 buckets of liquid ender.

also lots of glass and stuff but mostly annoyed about losing my super armour.

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yeah started on the new set. Wow your on the ball with this mate thumbs up.


Could I get the modules and i'll put them in to the new set.

A quick count would suggest i need

16 basic plateting

4 advanced plating

12 control circuits 

twelve servo motors

and not to be cheaky but could I get some iron as well to replace the stuff i've already made?

While I have you I also have a gliched block in my base, an ME inerrface near the surface wont react or be destroyed.



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