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help, someone stole a lot of my stuff :(


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hi, i'm sorry to post suddenly a so sad topic, but during today someone came into my town (currently playing on the dw20 1.7.10 server with a friend)  and took a lot of our stuff (we're starting so we don't have anything soo valuable)
exactly: 3 lava gens, 1 stirling generator from enderio + octadic capacitor inside, 2 ender energy conduit, 3 pressurized fluid, 1 tank from enderio full of lava, smeltery controller and lava tank from ticon.
i'm ignoring all of the stuff took from chest, but meh..don't care so much about, more reasons to farm up :) .

i'm here to ask only the machinery and the smeltery, because for now it's really hard for us to recover :( 

waiting for answers, have a nice mining and crafting :)  


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