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[BUG] Unable to Set Quarry due to Previous land Owner.


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I recently found a lot of land, that appears to have had an inactive owner from 2 months ago. I have the area all claimed and setup with my town "EvoLand"

However today, I attempted to lay a Quarry down and got the following error - 



Can someone assist with freeing up the land and setting it to my permissions ?

If not can I be refunded my money and moved to a spot not already occupied by a previous owner ?

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This message is wrong and pretty confusing, it appears when you try to use a quarry in a claimed town. (claimed by anyone, not only others)

You can get it running by either unclaiming the area you want to quarry (it has to match exactly) or to set the town permissions to "modify true".

# this shows the possible permissions and its current settings
/town perm list

# this changes the permission for the quarry to work
/town perm set modify true

# this prevents others to enter your town, since you set modify=true so anyone could modify your stuff
/town perm set enter false

If you're unsure if the land is claimed, you can use

/town map

The shown characters represent the Chunks you see by pressing 2x F9.

Don't forget to set the permissions back after you finished, simply with the same commands but false/true respectively.

- scitor

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I would severely advise against doing this.  Although setting /town perm set enter false would prevent someone from coming into your town and modifying it - someone could still set a quarry around the town and grief the entire thing as the modify permission is still true. 

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Really should never quarry inside your town, but can quarry FROM your town (maintaining safety of the quarry) by setting the quarry on the border and using markers.  Of course this pretty much only applies to the ender quarry and not the almost always broken world eating BC Quarry. 

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