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Abnormal Glitch

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For ender Quarry ores storage, I use storage drawer with cache, cache store decoration blocks (marble, gravel...) while storage drawers store ores. Today I move this complex to my new position for new ore mining, I use dolly to move drawers. After moving I click to drawers to get some iron ores for some ignots then suddenly I disconnected, when I reconnect 3 caches (store marble, granite and gravel) with all drawers except the one store coal ores empty, drawers lost obsidian upgrade. Next I found 1 drawer have visual glitch so I use axe to remove it and place it again but only few seconds it still glitch. The next thing is when Imperatus give me some iron and tin ores, I right click to it but my game crashed with my launcher, I only get the crash log, the game log is gone with the crash.

I don't want to get back items because I can get it very easy when I turn on the ender quarry, I only want to know what happened? Because this glitch is very rare and only appear when you tried to click to the empty cache many times. 


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Update: These drawers make the chunk corrupted, now when I come and right-click to it my game crash. Here is my crash log.

My base has been moved to the new position near the old coords   x = 3273, z = 3821, y = 76. I've renamed my town into "TheCore" and now it's located near the intercept between the village and the magical forests. Brunyman or any staff if you can please come and delete all drawers except the drawer controller.

p/s: The drawer that cause chunk corrupted locate near my ME controller, the old one on the old house is empty



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I found the things the glitch is in the corner of the storage drawer.  I am not bugged though so maybe the chunk is not corrupted but only rotomegas player.  My guess is that the caches started the glitch because they have lots of glitches in this modpack.  And the glitches start when you move them.


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