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Signs for Global Market Merchant


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Hey, its just a small suggestion:

When you get the Market Merchant Kit (or maybe a separate/new one), it could enable you to make one of these Market signs (Market and Mailbox).

Or maybe just one of them, and it would have to be placed by an admin (e.g. with a monthly limit to not spam admins).

It's no problem to go to spawn every time you want to check current(!) prices (yes I know /market pricecheck), or get your Transaction Logs, its just a suggestion ;)

I also plan to having a public area, where this market signs could be placed.

- scitor

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Oh, I didn't mean the plugin. I didn't even know there was one with the same name. :)

I'm talking about the "rank" (its the "Market Merchant Kit") you can get at donation shop, so you dont have a limit of items you can place, and so on. I did buy the kit and it did exactly what it said :) so that's still working.

The reason I mentioned it was since I assume anyone buying that Kit is planning to do more-than-usual market stuff... (at least thats what I do with it :)))

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