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[Rollback request] normanas


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Hello. I love the server, so kudos. (Little sucking up) 

Account Name: normanas

Town name:

Coordinates:  Eldritch

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 08:00 UTC +2. (An hour before this i posted). Current date.


Description of Issue: 

I just died today about 08:00 UTC +2, about half an hour ago in the Eldritch. Im new to this mod, so just mining my own biz trying to get some sand i see what i now know was a Eldritch portal. Im dumb, and curious, so i walk into the portal and i get killed. I lost A LOT OF stuff. I donated to get some legendary vote keys, so ofc i lost that also.. 

Is there any way i can donate, or buy a kit that resets my inventory. And yes, i know its my own fault, so im asking (Humble as a goat), not demanding. :)

With regards. 

The noob.

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Hello @normanas!

Glad you like the server!, I think you managed to mess up your request a tad, you're having what I can only assume is the town name under " coordinates ", and then no coordinates at all. It'd be great if you could add the coordinates too :-).  Silly Henk, read the description properly :-P

For the record, rollbacks are done manually by Bruny alone during maintenance on Mondays and Fridays. 

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