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Crashing everytime login to server

Omega Pumpkin

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Account name: Omega Pumpkin (not create on the system yet)

Today I decided to join the FTB infinity server. However, when I login the first time the system said "invalid session: try reinstalling your game" normally, but on the second time I login my game crashed. Firstly I though my game have problem so I decided to reinstall but the situation not changed even when I use Multi Mc or FTB launcher. Here is my crash logs from MultiMC and FTB launcher. Can somebody analyze the crash logs and give me the reason also the solution to solve it.





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First off try increasing the allocated ram. ~4gb is ideal, 3 will do, and then also doing the obvious things like actually reinstallling the modpack, restarting you pc etc.

also, not that it should matter much, but is your account premium or cracked?

and as Quartz say, go into singleplayer and turn down your render distance. It could simply be so that your computer can't handle this modpack as it's quite a large one. I'm saying this without knowing anything of your computer, blindly guessing here.

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