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Dimlet Sorter & Deduplicator


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Hey, I wanted to share a handy tool I made with CC:



The script takes any unknown dimlets and all dimlets that are multiples above the selected amount, and scrambles and researches them until there are no more duplicates.

Items needed:

    1 Dimlet Researcher
    1 Dimlet Scrambler
    1 ME Interface
    1 Advanced Computer
    1 Advanced Monitor
    5 Wired Modem
    5+ Networking Cable


  • Place everything and connect with modems.
  • Don't forget to right click (connect) the modems once all network cables are in place.
  • Write down the names of the modems you will need them for the config.
  • Open the Computer and type:
pastebin get kpJQJRvg i
  • Now start "i", the installer should download the newest version. You can also use this for updates in the future.
  • The startup script has to be edited (edit startup) and the modems must be named correctly.

The variables sideScrambler and sideResearcher have to be the sides seen from the ME Interface.

Known Bugs:

-    The scrambler sometimes clogs up with same-type dimlets. In that case try to mix up the types. Normally it's enough to take out one or two dimlets.
-    The program assumes only dimlets in the ME storage, so best is a simple ME drive with ME interface and a terminal (not a bug but worth mentioning).
-    not well tested, you tell me :)







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