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Reactor & Turbine Control


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Hey, here is another handy tool I wrote, since I couldnt find any working Turbine controller that did what I wanted:



  • One or more reactors, connected with Wired Modems
  • One or more turbines, also connected
  • Vibrant Capacity Bank, the number of cells is configured in the script
  • Preheater / Alternative Steam Generator for spinup and standby mode

This script DOES NOT regulate reactor rods. They have to be setup to power all connected turbines.


Connect everything with Wired Modems and Networking Cable. Make sure the modems are connected (red).

Open the Computer and type:

pastebin get Tpri61yS i

Just start "i", the installer should download the newest version. You can use this also for updates in the future.

The startup script has to be edited (edit startup), there is a dedicated config variable where all values should be clear.


config.prechargerName is the computers side where a rednet cable (or comparable redstone cable) is connected to a valve (e.g. tesseract) regulating the precharger steam.
The reason for this is to not use up the precharger steam for normal power generation.

The precharger is used to hold the turbines on rpm without using the main reactor. The program is written that when you don't use a precharger the config.prechargerName variable should be left empty.

In that case the main reactor will be used for standby steam generation, although this is not tested very well.


The program spins up the turbines to the configured optimalTurbineSpeed and tries to hold them there.

It monitors the Battery, once it falls below the bankChargeMin percentage the turbines start to charge the battery until it reaches bankChargeMax.

If one of the turbines falls below the optimal rpm, its coils get disabled and the turbine is spun up with a bit random disable.

Known problems:

  • Cold starting all turbines at once with a full battery can take some time.
  • not well tested, you tell me :)

Example Installation:


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