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[Rollback request] Town named "ajp"


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Account Name:  xAngel

Town name:  ajp

Coordinates:  x=-1431 z=-900 y=55

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 19:00 polish time, yesterday (8.03.2017)


Description of Issue: CallMeDaddyBabyG joined my town after kick (im the owner) and he takes from my base some items, idk what it is but please can you take rollback to 19:00 polish time? town is named "ajp". Today i tried to log in and build some automations, and i saw some signs near my rftools room, so i checked it and dim builder dissapear. thanks so much bruny.



SS of dim builder from 2017.02.26 19:21 polish time.

SS of dim builder from 2017.02.23 18:04:04 polish time.


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have you talked to him, to see why he took it, or if he actually did take it ?

can also ask for a higher staff to be able to check who took the items ( not sure if they can )

GM / GM+ can also see inventory of offline people i believe, to see if he has it, and if needed take it back from him

not only should your items be returned, but need to be checked  who has it, and be punished for the stealing

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