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Thanks for Roleback but i don't have a lot stuff in the me to make me happy on the server.

Account: TheZockerLP2016

Owner: ggGamer13330

x: -11212 y: 144 z: 12375

Roleback 2: 20:27/10th march 2017 [roleback to 10th February 2017 /21:00]

Screen with link:

And I can't see my machines down the hopper and i had more then 80k bedrockium block/ 10-20M wood

I see who have a lot of my stuff:

Marvin907 x-12603 z-4049 y:123

All what isn't on my island:

ME Cells

draconic armor on the armor standing


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Give us proof of you having a automated system of gathering those items. Normally, proof of refunded items isn't needed but this is a special case as the items are endgame and massive in quantity. 
Also, this is just a question, if you did have automated systems of gathering those items, why not just turn them on again. Its a bit hard to refund in excessive amounts if you didn't consider that :/

Edit: Checked your base and didn't find any dragon farm. Are you sure you are telling the truth? How did you get those items? Lying will only worsen the case

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