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[Refund Request] Bought to many packs at once

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Account Name: TimDK

Kit #1 Mob Grinder Kit Missing all of it.

  1. 4x Grinders - 243:13
  2. 1x Auto-Spawner - 244:9
  3. 64x Cursed Earth - 1422
  4. 16x Dark Ethereal Glass - 1439:2
  5. 4x Safari Net (Reusable) - 4160

Kit #2 Automation Kit Missing A Couple of Items

  1. 1x 64k Crafting Storage
  2. 8x Crafting Co-Processor Units
  3. 8x ME Interface Blocks
  4. 8x ME Interface Cables
  5. 32x Molecular Assemblers

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

Date is 03/0/2017 at 7:36 PM

Description of Issue: I had bought the Applied Energistics Kit, Automation Kit and the Mob Grinder Kit.  The Applied Energistics Kit had filled up my inventory and then the Automation Kit Proceeded to fill the rest of my inventory up and with no more room in my inventory. I had bought all 3 packs at the same time.

Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):  No Evidence to offer but the "Transaction ID." Not posting it on here for security purposes. But if asked will send it to whoever needs it

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