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Corrupted Chunk?


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As of today i cannot join the server as when i do i immediately crash along with VanVado and EpicLoganc I think it would work if the chunk is rolled back to around 3A.M. MST 3-13-17

the chunk should be next  to the coords 700 , 2800 the issue is at the very bottom of the chunk (bedrock) level. I had a discussion with EpicLoganc at his post titled "Broken Textures" 

the chunk in question has a large 3x3 hole going down about 20 blocks you can see my replies to EpicLoganc for reference but i have been waiting seven hours and i do understand its pretty early in the morning but i'd really like to be able to play on the server without crashing instantly.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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