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Rollback request mrfakie36

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Account Name: MrFakie36 and Last_Fighter
Island owner name: Last_Fighter
Coordinates: x -11589 z -6417 y 72
Time/date: 3rd March 2017, 00:00 GMT-5
Description of Issue: My friend deleted the island because everything got robbed and now he quit the server but I'm not done I need the stuff back and help finding all my stuff with the power of rollbacks I need all permissions by the way. Edit by Y: When deleting the island, it wasnt deleted properly according to the screenshots shown


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He rarely answers to private messages, perhaps it's better for you to state it here 

EDIT: Talked to player in-game, she started a new island with Senpai and stated that she doesn't need a refund of important items lost in drives anymore

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