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Harassment/Insulting Others (TheToxic_Avenger)


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In-Game Nickname: TheToxic_Avenger

Time and date: 6 PM 3/29/2017, Central Timezone

Description of what happened: The player "ParmeSean" was killed by TheToxic_Avenger, Sean said hello to Toxic, which Toxic replied that Sean didn't remember as he wasn't important and he kills a lot of people. Toxic continued to upset Sean by correcting his grammar and spelling non-stop and throwing in a few casual insults. Inbetween this, he called "Ohanno_WhiteWolf" retarded. I am unsure why he called him that, as is Ohanno. (It's also worth mentioning that I've only joined today, and since then I've seen Toxic insult multiple players randomly. This is the only one I took a screenshot/note of as I got tired of seeing it.)

Screenshots or Proof: 

List of eyewitnesses: Ohanno_WhiteWolf, ParmeSean, "DaddyCool", PizzaTime_, jmblairboys, Supsidedown04 (There were more, but I do not have a list of them all.)

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