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[Refund Request]


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 I don`t know english enough to write literate text. Sorry :( Server: infinity evolved, time: 02.04.17 ~19:50 (GMT+4) In game nick: Stealer_games

 I lost set of thaumcraft fortress armor(ID:4556,4557,4558) with googles and mask + boots of meteor(ID 7127) I was at minotaur`s labyrinth when server restarted. After restart i logged in and died during the loading. I had a twigligt charm(5522) in inventory so I had to save my armor and item in hand. But my armor wasn`t restored. It just dissapeared. When i digged up my grave, I didn`t found armor to. Restore it for me please. Screenshot: I`m at the maze. There is no armor points. 


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