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Who an A User can be a Admin


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You can't buy to become an admin nor get it eventually, there's a bit of a staff ranking system involved

You start of by applying for Helper on the forums, there's usually an announcement for it when it opens. After you've done applying, Brunyman, Managers and GM's will see if you are worthy enough to be promoted (This highly depends on your application and the ammount of work you've done in the past i.e reports). After you're accepted, you have to climb the staff ranking ladder that goes as shown below by being active in staff work and being helpful to the community.

Helper -> Judge -> Mod -> Admin -> GM -> GM+

I can't tell the promotion times as I haven't seen anyone telling them to member before but i'll just say that each promotion rounds has 3 outcomes; Promotion, Demotion or your rank stays the same. Best of luck if you're going to apply when the applications open!

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It took me 6 month to get GM+. Promotion comes about once per month. There is strict amount of each rank allowed. So if there is too many GMs, admin will not get promotion.

@xilondre, if you want to get yourself a "/gm 1" permission (aka Creative mode), you can buy Sponsor rank HERE.

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