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[Enchantment] Last Stand is not working


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The Last Stand enchantment is a very useful trick that converts damage to experience point loss when the player is left at a half heart. The enchant is especially important as it is the only means for players with tech armour to defend themselves against armour piercing weapons, as they bypass armour completely and make it practically non existent. I enchanted some armour with it, and found it did not take effect whatsoever. Last Stand comes from the mod OpenBlocks, however I'm not sure of the enchantment id, is it perhaps disabled in enchants.yml?

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32 minutes ago, brunyman said:

Do you know where is that enchants.yml ? I can't find any. The mod config looks good, does this enchant work in single player?

Tested on single player and the enchantment works fine. Enchants.yml is typically the config file used in enchantment managing plugins, but then again I'm not sure how craftersland is run :P. I was able to find the enchantment id: Last Stand = 212.

Thank you so much for your time burny.

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