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Judge/helper Number or towns


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I would like to request the permissions of Judges, perhaps even Helpers to be able to be apart of more than 3 towns. I know Moderators get unlimited towns but at that point it's pretty irrelevant as you still have town bypass.

It's difficult cause even sometimes players call over Helpers and Judges to help them out if they get stuck or if they want a bedrock piece removed - due to opis - and then I would have to give up one of my three towns to help them. So in reality low staff members really have a cap of 2 towns, as they need to leave one open to be able to get invited to other towns and help out there. 

My request:
Extend the town limit to say... six? For Judges and perhaps even Helpers. If it is to be approved I would recommend this change on DW20 too, I think Tekkit got some " town friend " system and SF doesn't use MyTown. 

I'm not requesting this as a Sponsor perk for myself, I am requesting this for the entire rank.

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