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I was banned unjustly on April 06, 2017, 22:10 PM , without any reason and this is what happened:

Me (TheMatix720), and my friend Mastermilo were flying in the map searching for petals to craft endoflames becouse we wanted start Botania mod

we see this base claimed under us, so we go to visit it to see if there is anyone, i try to break (only one block) glass to enter and it works, so in my mind i ask me (what the fuck?, is it claimed?),

the time to understand that these 2 guys have joked with permissions that Mastermilo starts griefing their reactor from Big Reactor mod, we were talking on TeamSpeak and i was saying to him: "what a fuck are you doing, stop, they are here", about 30 seconds later i have kicked him from my town becouse i didn't want to get banned.

Actually i haven't did anything, the rule #20 is use "common sense" but i have been banned only becouse i was in their town, watching what Mastermilo was doing.

if you used good sense banning me, you should give back my money for VIP, bought only 3 days ago, bought becouse i really like the server and his stuff, like Kaliber, a very great Helper, i would have donated more, but i keep that the behiavour of Henkalamar is too much dictatorial as an admin banning randomly people becouse they have payed more, like gassman a premium member (one of two guys, i didn't remember the complete name) the guy who have said to him that also i was grefing.

I underline that if you wave the flag of "common sense" as minimum you should give back my 4.99$, or unbanning me.

Have a great day.

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His post is simply Untrue - It was my base. 

They entered, I asked them to leave as we had mis-configured the permissions.  720 then broke a glass window. I told him to stop, then bolted around the corner towards where mastermillo dismantling the reactor. 

Then proceeded to slag everyone off in chat after

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