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Unban Blubo


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

-Nash227 wanted to help me with my Mob Farm. He crafted legitamatly Diamond Spikes. And killed the Mobs that were in this with a Draconic Sword. He dropped it in Lava, but the Hoppers, that were under the Lava ,were faster. They sucked the Sword in and putted the Sword in my Mob farm Chest. So as much as I know this whole Thing was a big misunderstanding. So Nash227 thought it was destroyed. When I clicked on the Item in the Chest it said something with you cannot take this item because it was creatively spawned from another Player. And then The Judge "Yusixs" banned Nash. I said "Noooo, now I have no way I can get this item out of the chest :D ". Then I was banned too. I think it is all just a BIG misunderstanding. (If someone or something is somehow offended, I didn't  meant to offend anybody)

[3] Ban Category:

Sorry, I don't really understand what I should write here because I am german . I think it's this: Temporarely Ban (Correct me if I did it wrong)

[4] Ban Duration:

- 2 Days

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

- ( in Discord because of something it won't work here )

[7] Your Reason:

-Reason Rule 4 - 1st Offence. No gifting creative items to other players!

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Come with me in-game to your island. I'll see nash's situation once im done with your's

Ban reinstated
I dont see any lava here, can you explain why?

Spoke to player on discord, Lets hope another situation like this doesn't happen, have fun!
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