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[Refund Request] Poppet not working, messing up a lot

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Account name: MaxyTheDarkLord

Item ID: Spirit of Otherwhere 5560:44, Death Protection Poppet 5562:6

Time/Date: 12:4.2017, around 17:00 EST

Description: I was trying to do the Infusion of Otherwhere (Witchery) and I had made a Death Protection Poppet (bound to myself), because you get killed in the process of the infusion. When the infusion began, the rite rolled through. Even though the Popped was consumed, I still died and therefore was not infused with Otherwhere. I have not found Death Protection Poppets andywhere on the Banned Items list.

Evidence: Nothing really exact, but my friend CMSgtDoge saw the process, since I invited him to watch the infusion.

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