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Witchery//Death Protection Poppet not working?!


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A few minutes ago... I finally made the Ghost of the Light infusion brew. When you use the brew in the circle to try andĀ infuse yourself, you end up dying by the magic; therefore, you are supposed to use a Death Protection Poppet. This poppet (When bound to a player) prevents the player from dying once, and brings them back to full health. However, when I did this infusion, having a death protection poppet as well of course, I ended up dying for an odd reason. When you make the infusion brew, you get two. So I used the second one (Made another death protection poppet bound to me) and did it again... Still... I died again. There was a restart moments after and when I cam back in the game it gave me one protection poppet as well as one infusion brew. I am afraid to use it again as of facing the consequence of losing all my progress into making these items. So please consider this and let me know if there's any solution. Thanks!

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