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Witchery//Sun Grenades Glitched:Not Working


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Not too long ago, I started my progress into becoming a level 5 vampire, until I ran into a road block. After making 10 quartz spheres and 10 sun dials, I finally got the chance to become level 5. I filled up the quartz spheres with sun, turning them into sun grenades. Now I have had an excessive amount of past experience with Vamparism and this is the first the sun grenades were bugged out. To level up, you need to throw the sun grenades on the block you are standing on and they will burn you as well as give you blindness for 5 seconds. However, this was not the case... The sun grenades did burn me however not giving me blindness. I tried leveling up (by throwing 10 sun grenades on yourself) twice, and the outcome was still a fault. Also, I forgot to mention, When you throw the sun grenades on the ground, you are supposed to get a quartz sphere. Therefore I was forced to make an extra set (10 more) to attempt it again. Please Help. Thanks!

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