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[refund request] Items dissapeared while messing with spirit world


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Account Name: Toxicpleb
Item name + Item ID :

 Draconic staff of power 5618

Enchanced charm of Dislocation 5646

Awakened core 5639 sixteen of those

enchanted books :

efficiency 5

reaper 3

sharpness 5

looting 3

3 Soulbound 1  books.

draconic flux capacitor 5658:1

and probably some more stuff which i dont remeber but this ones most important.

Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): 2017.04.16 around 16.30 sweden. 

Well i was trying out the commands and items in spirit world and happend to find that you can take items in to spirit world with belt from tinkers mod. tried tpa command and checked if someone can tp into spirit world with items and it worked. becouse you cant normaly enter it with items. So ive bound a location with Enchanced charm of dislocation in the spirit world and then tried to tp to my base in overworld.

as i tought items will stay in spirit world as it suppouse to do when you use icy neddle but the problem is when i came back to spirit world inv was empty so was the belt.

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