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Player Markets? {Tekkit Server}


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why not make a market area using the essentials sign plugin? this would be a great way to replace the current market idea and If needed ill do it all if I get perms I love the hole idea of a player market, a player gets a chunk to build a shop and sell, make it where they buy a chunk

plugin link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/simulated-item-market-shops/files (supports tekkit just go to files section)

//rg buy (for a plot)

//rg sell (for a plot)

//rg giveto {Player}

//addmember {Player}   (I recommend disabling this so its a single person per shop)

//delmember {Player}


this plugin comes with region info so it displays all info of the player who owns it and the shop


region name:Plot 1

owner: L1K3xDKDEATH

size: 8x5x6 (you can change this in config)

buy:$1000(can change in config) {to buy the region or what it was bought for}

sell:$200 (how much the player would get if they got rid of the plot)


tax:$120(can change in config)

next withdrawal: 10d 0h 0m 0s (if player cant afford it then the region goes back onto sell)

keep in mind you can set a max plot limit for players to 

essentials is already part of the server


|                    [buy]                    |

|                       1                       |

|                  diamond                  |

|                     200                      |


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4 hours ago, L1K3xDKDEATH said:

If needed ill do it all if I get perms

We don't give out such perms to anyone, I admire your forwardness but that's a no.


I read very briefly about your post and essentials is only used as an adminshop and can not be used as a playershop, as it doesn't stock. Perhaps the plugin you suggested fixes that, irregardless. 

The idea of craftersland is that our servers are similar, if you've ever gone onto another server of ours you will recall seeing the same key features as there is on tekkit. Spawn monitor - if the modpack got CC, Adminshop in spawn - may be hidden away in a basement, but it's there. Vote/legendary crates - always, Market place - The current marketplace we have for players.

These are features that identify Craftersland and making such a change on tekkit would change that identity. We've had personal shops in the past with chestshops and it was replaced by the current marketplace we have today - frankly I don't know why. I would understand this plugin request if you had no other means to put up a shop, but as there already is a marketplace plugin I don't see this as necessary.

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