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Easier item rollbacks for staff


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Hello @brunyman.

I have a plugin suggestion...! For a plugin that doesn't exist, rather it's a request for you to make a plugin. I know you're a busy man and this would take a while but it would be very beneficial for you aswell. As you would save alot of time when doing maintenance.

Let me present it to you.
OpenBlocks, a mod we have on all our servers but  Tekkit, it's the mod that creates a grave when you die, Openblocks also has another function... that you can restore that inventory inside the grave using a command like /ob_inventory restore <IGN> <ID>, and allowing Moderators+ to access that command would save you a ton of time doing inventory rollbacks/refund requests and whatnot. BUT... there are two flaws.

1). The ID required to do the inventory restore is only shown in console so we would have no method in finding it, here's where to plugin is required. To be able see the latest deaths of a player.

2). an ob_restore does NOT remove the grave, therefore the items would be duped if the players later stumbles across his grave. This could be fixed in a similar way of how Opis turns lagblocks into obsdian - from what I know - selecting an area to worldedit and removing the grave. Uncertain if items would drop if removed with worldedit.

I'm not a coder, I don't know how to make plugins but I would imagine this to be a rather simplistic plugin,... think about it. ( To my knowledge it will still generate this command, and the save even if a grave doesn't spawn properly. Or if the player falls out of the world... anything really. )

Example of the message shown in console:




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