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[Refund Request]BUCK_SHAT


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[Refund Request]BUCK_SHAT

Account Name: BUCK_SHAT

Item name + item ID:

advanced nano chestplate - 6842:1

nano saber- 4158:1

nano suit helmet - 4170:1

nano suit leggings - 4172:1

nano suit boots - 4173:1

glowstone - 348 x3 stacks

steel hammer - 6649

steel pick - 6633


Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 23 APR17, 8AM

was lagging, every time I moved it would reset me back were I was. so I logged out and logged back in and suffocated in cobble stone. did not leave a grave stone.

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refunded in a chest  at location -434, -2324, 45

with signs specifying its yours

the tinker tools steel pick and hammer cant be refunded, its a problem with the tinkers ID numbers

given 32 steel ingots to compensate for it


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