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Random Questions I couldn't find answers to.


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Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere but I couldn't find the answers.

1. How often is the Deep Dark reset and when is it reset?
2. What time is the Friday and Monday RF tools reset?
3. Hungry Chest is banned, which prevents crafting a hungry hand mirror. Is this intended? (Would be useful for mining)
4. Will my island be deleted if I don't play often enough?
5. Are there resets for spacial storage dimensions? Can I build/store stuff in them and relying on these things persisting week to week?

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1. Once a month. Actually all dimensions but the overworld run on a schedule, as you know RFtools is twice week, any other is once a month. Along with the end and nether, goes for all our servers.

2. Maintenance is done Monday and Fridays, and that's when the resets of the dimensions happen. It is also done manually which means that the time may wary, for example today there has yet to be a maintenance if I'm right. Meaning it will probably be early tuesday rather.

3. Not to my knowledge no, will have to investigate if the same or similar exploits exist using that item. Otherwise it may be added to spawn shops or get a customized recipe.

4. Not automatically, if it's requested to be cleared for whatever reason or causing immense lag and you are months inactive it may.

5. Yes, I believe these get cleared at the same time as RFtools. So twice a week.

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