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Jetpack Refund


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Refund Request:

Account name:


Item name + Id:

Hardened Jetpack 7095:2


The 27th of April

around 10 to 11 O clock.

Discription of issue:

I was recharging my jetpack. I put it in my Vibrant capacitator bank. But it just poofed away. I checked everywhere around the bank. But it was gone.


I don't have pictures. But, my friend knows I have this jetpack (CoockiesAtNyte). And Beh (the stafflid) gave me an refund of this exact same item yesterday. It also bugged away in a capacitator bank. *Edit* the moment when my jetpack gets refunded (if it gets refunded) I'll create better evidence. Pictures of me having this item


Thank you for reading my request. I hope to hear from you soon.

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