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[Refund Request] pand1024

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Account Name: pand1024
Item name + Item ID (Item ID optional, but very helpful!): Large Hungry,Pale Node (Thaumcraft) with thousands of every primal aspect.
Time/Date (Time/Date when "WHAT" happened): Logged off late 4/27 and it was fine, Logged back in 4/28 and it was gone.
Description of Issue: 

I logged in today to find my Hungry node was gone. Instead there was an obsidian block where it should have been. I don't have any good explanation for why this happened.

Here is example of how to spawn in a new similar one.

/give @p Thaumcraft:BlockJarNodeItem 1 0 {nodetype: 4, nodemod:1, Aspects:[{amount:1500,key:"terra"},{amount:1500,key:"aer"},{amount:1500,key:"aqua"},{amount:1500,key:"ignis"},{amount:1500,key:"ordo"},{amount:1500,key:"perditio"}], nodeid: "0:-312:64:54"}

I know it had at least 1500 of each primal aspect. I don't remember the exact stats. This command will create a new node in jar form. The one I used to have was placed in the world (not jar form), but I don't know the command for that. You can removed it from the jar by placing and right clicking with a thaumcraft wand. If you refund it in jar form I'll place it back where it was before. I'll understand if no refund is granted.

Evidence (Optional, but highly recommended!): 

Before :)


After :(



Post #2: Side note: Please do *not* do a roll back, because I will loose a lot of unrelated progress.

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I tested that command out, sadly doesn't fit the 100 character limit of minecraft but this is a similar command which can spawn in a hungry node aswell

/give @p Thaumcraft:BlockJarNodeItem 1 0 {nodetype: 4, nodemod:1, Aspects:[{amount:15,key:"fames"}]}

The only downfall is that you'll have to feed the node again but hey, it's better than nothing. Let me know if you agree for a new hungry node or a island rollback @pand1024

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I removed the pillar, a while back. There was quite a bit of time between the screen shots as I was not expecting to inexplicably loose the node.

I'd be totally happy with the hungry node that yusixs suggested. By the way, when I tested the command I suggested, in single player, I used a command block. I don't think that command blocks have the same character limit.


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