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Item Refund Request


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Username: KeyLime17

On 29/04/2017 about 4:40 pm (UTC -5) I was in my base replacing my floor I had connection issues so i relogged and spawned inside the stone and was dying so i left and relogged again, then i spawned inside the void and died, in chat it said i fell out of the world. i was not in the end neither in any mystcraft worlds, losing all my stuff doing /back nothing is there all in the void, I had1

1. 2 Invar picks

2. a sapphire and ruby pick

3. a ruby sickle

4. Certus Quarts pick 

5. ruby shovel

6. a diamond shovel 

7. about 4 aluminum wires

8. about 40 meat ingots

9. a stack of meat nuggets,

10. my nearly fully charged resonant energy jetpack,

11. a fully charged battery

12. a ton of cobble,

13. a builders wand

14. and a redstone diamond chipset

15. everything else i forgot.


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