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undying 'bug'


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IGN: cherry0322

this evening on three occasions my character was in a state of undying:

first time: another player punched me twice, i fell back and my character had no health bar and the screen was shaking. i could interact with doors, use commands and attack, i could not use or access inventories of any kind. The /suicide command had no effect, i could not lose oxygen, and repeated punches and hits with various weapons (and a werewolf) would not kill me.

Apa was able to fix the issue and i respawned with a health bar and no issues.

second time: a few minutes later, fire was put under my character and went into the same state: shaky screen, although there was empty hearts this time, etc.

Apa kindly helped again xD

third time: Apa asked if i could use the /suicide command to see what would happen, and again my character is currently in the same state.

This hasn't occurred any other time my character has died.

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