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Refund Request


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I lost a whole bunch of items due to the rollback and some confusing instructions that were given.

  • a 200-stack of bolts: manyullum tip, enchanted wood shaft, leaf flight. Fully upgraded (no extensions) with 1 moss and rest quartz
  • Enderium Crossbow: Enderium crossbar, paper body, flame string. Fully upgraded (all extensions) with capacitor and rest redstone
  • Manyullum Hammer: Manyullum plate, manyullum hammer head, paper tool binding, wooden tool rod. Fully upgraded (all extensions) with full luck (as high as it will go), a capacitor, the rest redstone
  • Steel Pickaxe: Steel head, wooden tool rod, paper tool binding. Fully upgraded (up to Nether Star) with moss, silk touch, and the rest being redstone
  • a Beealyzer (forestry)
  • two Beegonias (botania)
  • a bucket of pink slime

EDIT: lost more stuff with later rollbacks:

  • three teleporters (IC2)
  • 2 signalum ingots
  • lapotron crystal (IC2)
  • 2 advanced machine casings (IC2)
  • 1 basic machine casing (IC2)
  • 4 stacks of yellorium ingots


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