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Since i got tpa killed by bbelliot and lost my power armor, i got it back but it had no upgrades so i think i got scammed. and then a creeper blew me up and i lost my ¨fake power armor¨ so i come here to seek guidance

it happend between 21:35 and 21:50PM on 12.05.2017 (still norwegian time)

I had a Power armor chestplate ID:25028 It had the Jetpack, Diamond Plating and LV capacitator and a HV capacitator On it.

I had a Power armor boots ID: 25030 It had Diamond Plating, Shock absorber and a LV capacitator and On it

I had a Power armor Legs ID: 25029 It had Diamond Plating and a LV capacitator  and a HV capacitator on it. and the spring upgrade thingy

I had a Power armor Helmet ID: 25027 It had a Diamond plating , a Lv adn HV capacitator on it and a flight control.

i had a power fist ID: 25031 It had a Lv and HV capacitator on it, it had the pickaxe,axe and shovel up grade and a crafting table and shears upgrade

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Hello, I found your items in bbelliot base, however they did not have a HV capacitor on it, it was a MV capacitor so that's what I will be refunding. Not sure if it was intentional or an oversight, but only list items/upgrades if you were 100% certain you had said item.

Item placed in your inventory.

Edit: T/C


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