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[Donation] In-game Money


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I was just wondering how this works. I donate to get ingame money i know that much, but what i want to know is if i get to keep the money after a Server Wipe.

I've heard rumors of a Wipe comming farily soon, atleast alot of people wants one and i feel like donating, but i dont want a higher rank, i don't want access to Creative Mode, that would ruin the fun for me, but i still want to donate and support the server.

When the next server wipe comes, will i get the ingame money i donated for back on the new world?




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Hello Colt, I hope your refund was successful.

On 2017-05-17 at 9:41 PM, MrColt said:

I've heard rumors of a Wipe comming farily soon,

Now, there is no evidence that a wipe will happen soon, what you have heard is merely hopes from some of the members - staff or nonstaff- who rushed for endgame and already want a wipe. This is not how we work however and we attempt to keep a world alive for ~6months. It may be longer too and only if the world goes beyond repair it will be wiped before then, and I don't mean that someone griefs half the map cause that has been done before and repaired... hardly anything is impossible not to fix. This is the sort of schedule Bruny does things.

As for your donation, everything you donate will be refunded upon request after a wipe. Say you buy a Perm-save for a dimension... that dimension will be wiped as the overworld does but you can request your perm-save to be moved to a new dimension when you get Mystcraft running again. Same goes for rank, you can ask to re-apply it to get your keys, your money and your town claims again. And so can $ donations, just make sure you save a record of your purchase.. like an email or some sort of verification.

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