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[Rollback Request] Town being griefed

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Account Name: PeeWee71

Town name: / Character name : Arcadia

Coordinates: x:4535, z:-2150 (within town)

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Time is of no consequence/12. may 2017

Description of Issue: Arcadia town has been griefed. Certain key elements have been removed and/or destroyed in the process, items that take a long time to make and often requires to start all over in certain modpacks. These items contain, but aren't restricted to: Elven gateway cores, mana pools, natura pylons, gaia pylons, glimmering livingwood, sparks, assembly tables, 5 ultimate solar panels, chests full of thaumcraft items (not complete overview, but lost alot) and quest items. It has crippled our powersupply, manufacturing and automations.

I would like to restore specific chunks due to automation processes and if possible, find out who broke the blocks on these except for me and PhantomHawke.

*Screenshots: Unable to upload, but can be available to show where things have been taken from and to specify chunks.

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