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[Rollback Request] GreenBox

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Account Name: Lancelot
Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback: island and possibly Lancelot invetnory
Island owner name: GreenBox
Coordinates: x: -6400 z: -6400
Time/date: Fri 26 May, morning time (say 8:00 am timezone UTC+2)
Description of Issue: I (lLancelot on GreenBox island) have placed on node stabilizer big node in jar (it had between 900 and 1500 aspect of each kind). After i placed node (it is still in a jar) my minecraft freeze and I can not play since then. Even after several client restart situation did not change. When Tiredman72 teleported to my he froze too.

So please rollback GreenBox island and if possible refund hungry node, or rollback Lancelot inventory too.


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