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[refund request] inventory edit/ wipe request - bugged character inventory


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dear mods,

i am a player with following details:

Account Name: fdedraco

Town name: / Character name : A / fdedraco


-327, 67, 244

10:25 PM/ Monday, June 26, 2017 (GMT+7)

Description of Issue:

i picked up a crate-ful of ME drives then kicked out of server,
i can't reconnect since.
would you please edit my inventory/ wipe it so i can login again?

best wishes,

Lost items:

bees => sugar(sweetened?), energetic, cultivated, steadfast, end, majestic, common, growing, ancient, unweary, enchanted, charmed, diligent, eldritch, ferrous

3 ME drives

30 1k drives

apiarist's database

logistics beesink x2


P.S. would be helpful if you can rollback the chunk so you can refund the lost ME content, the time is offset to when i break the ME drives, not the disconnection. 

my team build new stuff on that, so no rollback

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Looking through this I think this layout would best suit you.

EDIT: Looking at where he got corrupted a rollback of that area would mess up things that have been built since. So im not sure.


Account Name:

Town name: / Character name : ( depending what you want the rollback for )


Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:

Description of Issue:

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )

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