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  1. Restore Purchase

    You should be able to get your rank reactivated, As for the money from the review if it was done before the wipe you won't get that money back as it was used for stuff before the wipe and would not make much sense to get it back after.
  2. [Creative] RoastedEU

    Yes it works now thanks Topic Closed.
  3. KnightSpirit(Bugged Inv)[reset request]

    Please only bump your posts after 48 hours has past.
  4. [Creative] RoastedEU

    Bumped so Bruny can see this easier on friday.
  5. Rollback request butterball122

    Regarding the ban. If you read rule 4 you will see that you are not allowed to take items from a town with a creative player when you leave. I didn't want to make the ban but if I allow myself to make exceptions I will have to do it more often and that will lead to a'lot of problems. And this rollback will most likely happen on Friday as that is when maintenance is. RoastedEU <3
  6. no grave spawned

    Moved to IE Technical Support. And please use this template for the refund. Account Name: Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Description of Issue: Evidence (optional, but recommended):
  7. [Creative] RoastedEU

    Hello. I would like my creative access from my P+ rank back please. Thank you in advance.
  8. Complaining About Imperatus and Others

    And as for me calling you ''Sexist''. The way you implied the actions of a lady rescuing a man making it seem like lady's can't rescue men for whatever reason is indeed sexist. https://gyazo.com/21a7f5ad0c0a458279c972d6dab02b6e I rest my case. But please understand. We are friendly people,But we must uphold the rules as if we allow 1 person to get away with something we would have to let everyone. And that is not a good idea. And this is minor. The amount of times us staff have been abused and hated on but We always keep calm and do our job as best we can, I am sorry you feel this way and hope you understand that making these sort of remarks that make people feel uncomfortable/upset is not ok and are not allowed on the server. RoastedEU <3
  9. Your favorite music

  10. [Refund Request] Died at spawn.

    Player made a refund request and got his items back. And sorry I didn't know about the breaking graves at spawn. Topic Closed.
  11. [Refund Request] Died at spawn.

    I don't think that is possible. You will need to make a refund or rollback request. Please use one of these templates. Refund Request: Account Name: Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful) Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: Description of Issue: Evidence (optional, but recommended): Rollback Request: Account Name: Town name: / Character name : ( depending what you want the rollback for ) Coordinates: Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Description of Issue: *Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )
  12. [Command Request] whiteflash1

    Just thought I should let you know in case you are unaware, As you will be losing access to creative items and becoming a ''Legit Player'', Your town will still be considered a creative town and therefore you would need to restart from scratch to be able to once again take part in selling/trading items. Sorry for any inconvenience caused as I also had this happen to me and I know it is frustrating, But due to there being ways to bypass creative tags ect none of your items can be verified and are regarded as creative. This includes anyone in the town also they will also have to restart. I also think when you leave the town as there is no longer any creative players in the town it will be regenerated.
  13. Player made a new post. Topic Closed.
  14. [Bugged block in town]

    All fixed. Topic Closed.
  15. [Rollback Request] EnergyTR

    All fixed. Topic Closed.