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[Command Request] Henkekalmar


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Account Name: Henkekalmar

Rank: Mod/Sponsor

Requested Commands:





Reason for Request:
I have God on Tekkit so I want it here too. Vanish perms should be given as a mod as it is on all the other servers... but not on IE. Either fix that for the rank MOD or add them to me. :-) Thank you.







On tekkit we have the ability to toggle vanish for others- and also the ability to see others in vanish as a Mod. that is not a permission on IE(?) Can I either request that for myself, or the entire Mod class. that'd be lovely.

Also... I have special perms of /god on Tekkit.. I'd like that here too if possible (A)


Quote from Henke's " Not-Good-Enough-Request"

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