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[Bug abuse] (for the second time)


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So, @zRxge_ here has obviously just edited his original post and removed his screenshots, supposedly showing @iMasterLoL abusing a bug in CTW. In those, you could clearly see him using the Huzuni hacked client. 

Here's a couple screenshots I took on my phone this morning, since I was certain the OP would edit it all out after seeing iMasterLoL commenting about his hacks in those screenshots. Kinda surprised he overlooked that when posting them here.


Third screenshot, you can see the hacked client in one of the OP's screenshots. You'll be able to confirm this if you take a look at the edit history of the first post in this topic. There was no proof to get iMasterLoL punished. It's the OP (zRxge_) the staff should take action against for hacking.

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