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[Rollback Request] Death Bug: No Grave - Inventory Rolleback Requested

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Account Name: futuremoth

Town name: / Character name : Town: Bushi / Character: futuremoth

Coordinates: x-713, y-128, z-113 (myst world)

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 11:45 PM Central EU Timezone (UTC+1:00) July 5th 2017 

Description of Issue:

I created a myst world and entered it.  It happened to be covered in thorns (I think they're the ones from Twilight but I'm not sure) and I spawned inside of them, instantly being killed. I got [Helper]Kvittaz to help me search that area to look for a grave but there was none.  Instead, they found a few of my items scattered about for some reason.  Most of my items including a golden bag of holding filled with lots of hard earned equipment were not found.  It was Kvittaz suggestion to ask for an inventory rollback.

 I would greatly appreciate it.





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