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And my things


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.):

  Survival pure

United States,


Nickname of the one you are complaining about:


Description of the situation:

  I cheated myself saying that he would help me and kill me by throwing potions to take my things away

Screenshots / Video Proof (Required):







Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable):
Unfortunately it was just the two of us

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Without proofs that demonstrate that Voldemort killed you with GM1 we can't refund your items and ban the player.

Please, provides a proof that we can see clearly that he killed you with GM1.

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I see no proof for killing in GM 1 , but what I see here is TP killing.
So you will give @shichibukai ALL of his stuff back to him, otherwise he can complain here if you do not and punishments will be issued.

Because we don't know if you were in GM 1, @Quentrix I request your chat logs from that login session , you can copy them into pastebin and send us the link here.
Here is where you can find your chat logs in case you don't know:

If you do not send your chat logs we will consider that you WERE in GM 1 and will be punished.

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