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Hb spawn Law for all_____ hb spawn ley para todos


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Network Server :     Ac v1


In-Game Nickname :


Nickname of the one you are complaining about :


Description of the situation :

Very clear in the screenshots is seen when the user is away with his arrow is potion or not I am with the effect of HB. I do not see or understand why they ask for more evidence when it's clear

Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :


Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :Xtayxon

Servidor de red : ACV1

Apodo en el juego: watson2

Apodo de la persona de la que se está quejando: xTayxon

Descripción de la situación: muy claro en las capturas de pantalla se ve cuando  el hombre se aleja con su flecha sea pocion o no yo estoy con el efecto de la HB . no veo ni entiendo porque me piden mas pruebas cuando esta claro ¡ 

Capturas de pantalla / Video Proof (Obligatorio):

Jugadores que pueden confirmar su situación (si corresponde): xTayxon

mi nacionalidad es de  habla hispana 

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And you need to know that if the staff member can't see the HB its impossible to ban him, cose if me ban the user xTayxon, and he make a unban request he win and its my fault cose on the pic you can't see the HB 

 Undrenstand that jaisson, please:))

ps: Sorry for unlook the post but i see the necessity to explain that, Thanks Cuadroto

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