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[Regen our old creative town] Myshpoetry


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With the removal of my creative abilities, I am finally able to join my active townmates in our new town.  I have left our old town StarLord.  However, since it is a creative town, we cannot let it sit there for pillaging.  Can the town be regen and the claims refunded?  I'm not sure the next best steps.


Thank you.

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there are still players in it ... we can remove it if all those player were inactive for at least 30 days ...

Edit: my fault i will regen it since u left the town and it's a creative town with no other creative player in it

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Well i will let @brunyman regen the base ... i tried to regen it but the chunks keep rolling back i managed to rregen a few but ... it took me already over 5 hours to regen those few i managed to regen so i will leave this to brunyman since it will be way easier for him .

Town name: StarLord

Coords: x-312 z: 355

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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